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231 14th Street Southeast, Loveland, CO 80537
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+1 970-515-7696


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99 Technology


  • Jake Hansen
    Nov, 28 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I was excited that there was a local computer store, so I went there looking for a used desktop. We talked to the sales guy who was very nice. I bought an older Mac (for $250) and hoped that I could update it as the sales guy alluded to. The sales guy didn't know exactly how old the computer was. After I brought it home, I found out that the computer was too old to be updated. I took it back the next day at the default settings and was planning to make use of their well-advertised "99 day return for store credit policy". However, I was told by the surly owner that I would have to pay $50 to return it because I had tested a program on it to see if it could operate on the older operating system and if it could be updated. He said that he never tells anyone about this $50 policy because it "rarely happens" (even though the ease of the "99 day return policy" is very much advertised). Per the owner, I could avoid the $50 if I completely reinstalled the operating system which he said would be free for me to do (it wasn't, according to the Apple customer service over the phone and at the store). I would have ended up with only $200 in store credit for using the computer just to test if it could be upgraded and only had it overnight. I ended up selling it on my own and losing money (but got cash so I wouldn't have to visit this store again). Later, I found the same used computer online for about $100 less. This could have been a great, local computer store , but it seems poorly run and unfriendly.
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